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You Have My Heart

I have your hands.. the ones that comforted me, cooked for me, cared for me.   I have your feet… the ones that stood all day in the classroom, walked [...]

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Making Pictures in the Service of Others

Amidst the rich imagery on display at the Griffin Museum of Photography's Winter Solstice Exhibit is a rather quiet photograph.  One which so elegantly captures motion of some sort.  Fluid motion.  Throughout the exhibit's [...]

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Okay, since when did the 18 mile commute into the city morph into 90 minutes… on a good day? Regularly, I experience this arduous crawl. I know firsthand how this [...]

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Define Your Bliss

The state of Bliss as we define it is a dynamic state or phenomenon. How do we know this? Years of experimentation, following paths, finding teachers, working at it and surrendering into it. People do not get to a state of Bliss and just stay there, particularly in busy urban areas in which many of us choose to live. Daily practice is the key to maintaining the dynamic state of balance that involves frequently correcting and adjusting. The purpose of the work at Find Bliss is to be able to access the state or a level of Bliss as you define it at any moment. What you will get from participating in the journey at Find Bliss: […]

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