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YOGA BODIES – Meet the Sangha

I’m really lucky to know to take a deep breath and remind myself that we’re all doing the best we can. “We’re in this together,” writes award-winning journalist Lauren Lipton [...]

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Staying Alive: Upstream, by Mary Oliver

In this universe we are given two gifts: the ability to love, and the ability to ask questions.  Which are, at the same time, the fires that warm us and [...]

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Two of Us: Make a Date with Mom

If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence. Maud Morgan, Gold Coast II, 1971-2, oil on canvas The birds are singing... even in [...]

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GuruGanesha Band Uplifts with the Song “Troubled Times”

Even when we feel that we live in “Troubled Times,” we are People of Love. This is the message being shared by the master musicians who are part of the [...]

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Let the Spirit Move You: Exhaling with Lee Mirabai Harrington

I have been blessed to experience, in this lifetime, that all paths lead to one Truth. I enjoy living in this Truth and helping other people live it, too.   [...]

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Channeling Spirit Through Sound – RadianceMatrix Meets Deva Premal

We live in an out of tune world - a world out of balance with artificial clock-time, urban stress, wireless radiation and machine noise. The pure sonic emanations of the bowls bring [...]

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You Have My Heart

I have your hands.. the ones that comforted me, cooked for me, cared for me.   I have your feet… the ones that stood all day in the classroom, walked [...]

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The Urban Monk: Book Review

Let's learn how to get out of our own way and be the people we're destined to be right from our home, offices and even during our long commutes.   "You [...]

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Work Clean: Mise-En-Place Beyond the Kitchen

Just because you are busy, are you really working to the fullest extent of your ability? "Every day, chefs across the globe churn out enormous amounts of high-quality work with efficiency using a system [...]

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POWER PLAY: Three Tracks to Keep You Company This Week

  Music... the universal elixir.  It sports the dual powers to both inspire a digging deeper and also usher us into an inner quiet.  In our winters and our summers, through shadow [...]

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