I have your hands.. the ones that comforted me, cooked for me, cared for me.


I have your feet… the ones that stood all day in the classroom, walked the dogs, and ran with your grandchildren


I have your thighs… the powerful ones you hated, the ones that biked hills and climbed mountains.


I have your smile… the one that was big, constant, and bestowed upon everyone.


I have your voice… the one that was too loud, that sang to me and said I love you. 


I have your temperament… the one that was quick to yell, laugh, and cry. 


You have my heart… the one that beats for you, aches for you, and will never feel the same.

A special thank you to Amy Leydon for sharing this verse – reflections recorded during a time of personal loss.  On Saturday, March 25th Amy will present ”Tear Down the Wall”.  Part yoga class, part rock show, part emotional catharsis…”Tear Down the Wall” redefines the idea of fitness. Set to the legendary album, Pink Floyd The Wall, you will move through the physical, energetic and emotional bodies. Through yoga postures, kriyas, strength, and vulnerability, we will tear down our wall brick by brick. For tickets and more information visit movewith.com.

Amy specializes in Vinyasa Flow and Private Postural Yoga Training. She is known for her intuitive sequencing and beautiful music and has been a pioneering force in the Boston yoga scene for the past 15 years. She brings an element of meditation and philosophy into each of her classes and gives her students a reprieve from the outside world while offering them a deeper understanding of their inside world.

A dedicated student of various forms of yoga, Amy’s main influences include Barbara Benagh, Shiva Rea, and Tom Myers.  Amy was awarded “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine and was an original Lululemon Ambassador in Boston. She leads retreats and workshops around the world, heals one-on-one through her Postural Yoga Therapy, and hosts yoga teacher trainings through Exhale. Her biggest accomplishment (and challenge) to date is raising the sweetest little guru on the planet, her three-year-old son.