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The Cold Never Bothered Her Anyway: THAW at Tower Hill Botanical Garden

I love experimenting with different materials and the conversation that happens between seeing what a material is capable of doing naturally, and how it can be manipulated. I also consider [...]

Begin it Now – Let Me Out Book Review

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.   Photo by Jim Hershle Employing science-based techniques and methods designed to unlock creative potential, musician turned author Peter Himmelman [...]

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Skate Away – Holidays on Ice

It is a happy talent to know how to play. The shopping, the menu planning, the holiday card (and maybe event the holiday card photo) will all get done... somehow. [...]

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SUPERFLOW 2017… Go Long!

Back for its second year, SUPERFLOW will take place on Super Bowl Sunday (Sunday, February 5th) at Boston's Intercontinental Hotel!  South Boston Yoga's David Vendetti, PLAY Yoga's Anthony Tomasi and LA YOGA Editor in Chief Felicia Tomasko will [...]

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Eat, Shop and Learn – Eataly Comes to Town

Eat, Shop and Learn!  That's what the team behind the brand new Eataly wants patrons to do.  The credo has been part of the Eataly manifesto for many years in [...]

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Let the Sun Shine In: Joy on Demand Book Review

  In my long struggle with misery, quite by accident, I discovered the mental equivalent of physical exercise.  I found that one can deliberately effect life-changing mental changes with simple [...]

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Love All, Serve All – An Evening with Trevor Hall

All of our songs are prayers in my mind.   Last Thursday evening, I found myself where the hippies sway with the yogis, and the songs being sung are actually really [...]

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Manchester by the Sea: Film Review

There are some heartbreaks that become impossible to mend. Some hurts impossible to heal. To say that the film Manchester by the Sea explores this theme is only a small [...]

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Power Play – Three Tracks to Keep You Company This Week

Music... the universal elixir.  It sports the dual powers to both inspire a digging deeper and also usher us into an inner quiet.  In our winters and our summers, through shadow and [...]

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Darshan – The Photograph as a Spiritual Experience

The goal with this series was to turn multi-dimensional memories of sculptures and ornamental paintings of Hindu Gods, into two-dimensional photographs inviting the viewer to consider a photograph as means of [...]

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