All of our songs are prayers in my mind.


Last Thursday evening, I found myself where the hippies sway with the yogis, and the songs being sung are actually really prayers – transported to some higher ground in the heart of the city at Boston’s Wilbur Theater.  The occasion?  The uncompromising Trevor Hall, live in concert.

If someone ever asked us to describe a Trevor Hall concert it would sound something like this; it is as if Hall has the entire universal force of the mountains beating in his heart center. That energy transfers through his veins, into his throat chakra, through the microphone, and channels into the crowd. Instantly you feel like you are no longer in the Wilbur Theater, but instead at the top of a mountain surrounded by nothing but peaks and the whistling winds of Mother Nature.

Entering stage right is, Trevor Hall, equipped with his guitar, his grey beanie, and his bare feet. He graciously whistles into the microphone an attitude of gratitude for being in our city. It is in this moment and the moments to come that we know were are going to leave feeling completely moved. Hall, even called upon his long-time friend, Tibetan monk, Lama Surya Das, to offer up a prayer of Tibetan chanting to bless the space before the musical magic began.

I mean have you ever been to a concert where the artist starts off the show with a 5-minute prayer of devotion, from a Tibetan monk? No? OK! Great, neither had me and the friend I had brought along for the evening! But, we sure do prefer it that way!

For some artists, it is the song being sung back to them, by a group of people, that they have never met that makes them feel connected. But for “Trev the Rev”, as Lama Surya Das refers to him, it is the song being sung, with the crowd simultaneously, at the same time, that creates a connection of ecstatic bliss.

The beat of the percussion, the bass, the soothing sound of his voice, and the citrus scent in the air (we’re not sure if that was from all the yogis in the crowd or part of “Trev The Rev’s” show) had the entire audience (including us) swaying back and forth all night long.  Each song moved through us like a roar of thunder, even the numbers which were new to our.  There is just something about hearing a song live that takes you to the exact place in which the artist wrote it, don’t ya think? Whether it was your first time or 100th time at one of his concerts, you’re sure to feel like you are right in the Green Mountain State with him.

Top 5 songs:

  1. Green Mountain State
  2. The Lime Tree
  3. You Can’t Rush Tour Healing
  4. The Mountain
  5. To Zion

If you are a yogi, a spirit junkie, hippie, or new-age devotee, be sure to put seeing “Trev the Rev” at the top of your bucket list. The music truly is an instant-heart opener, and a perfect place to bow your head in the dance of prayer. After all Trevor did say, “All of our songs are prayers in my mind.”  For upcoming shows, refer to the artist’s website.  For photographs and all things Trevor Hall, follow him on Instagram.  And to listen, find him on on Spotify.


Lizzie Muse is a kundalini yoga teacher, key-leader at lululemon, and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. A self-proclaimed adventure seeker, when she is not on the mat, you can find her forest-bathing in the woods, traveling to LA to see her teacher Tej, or at lululemon generating connection with our community. Fun Fact: Lizzie has worked for three professional hockey teams (LA Kings, Denver Cutthroats, Utica Comets). Lizzie grounds herself in a deep meditation practice and truly lives her life by this Yogi Bhajan quote…

“May you make yourself so happy, that just by looking at you, others become happy, too.”