Join her on the mat in Boston on February 5th as you reconnect to your pelvis and remember to create more freedom in your movement.

Photo by Sabrina Simon

Salty air, ocean vibes and a gentle wind helping the palm trees gently sway side to side. This is all I can imagine as I’m interviewing Sienna Creasy over the phone on a chilled 15 degree day in Boston just before the holiday rush. She’s talking to me from Golden Eye, a hotel from one of the three resorts she manages, within Island Outpost.

Sienna manages the day to day spa and yoga operations of Golden Eye, Strawberry Hill and The Caves, which sound like a blissful James Bond meets The Beatles road to heaven.  She infuses the elements of each season into all spa, yoga and Thai massage sessions by using hand crafted essential oil blends and various spa treatments that align with the weather of each day.

As she speaks, the salty air and gentle wind I have been imagining slowly fades while she explains that today it is a bit blustery for Jamaica. They are experiencing the kind of rain that makes one miss a fall afternoon in New England. Their spa treatments today are pitta inspired, the heat building ayurvedic dosha that will assist their clients in relaxing even more deeply. When I inquire about what it is her clients are being treated to, Sienna responds, “The newest blend we have created includes elements of pimento, ginger, cinnamon and clove; it reminds me of an evening sitting by the fire at my moms house.”  Thai massage, ayurvedic essential oil blends and yoga all located in the resorts where some of the James Bond novels have been written – Can someone remind me how much it costs to fly to Jamaica?

Photo by Sabrina Simon

All jokes aside, I fall in love with Sienna’s spirit more and more the longer we connect. She’s a fellow Prana Flow teacher who trained directly under Shiva Rea on her time off from The Peace Corps.  Yes, that’s right: this Prana Flow inspired, island yogi served a few years in The Peace Corps, graduated as a law student from UNH and spent time in Hungary in order to further her educational journey and kick-start her career. The Peace Corps was supposed to be her gap year experiment that turned into a career with which she fell deeply in love.


Ms. Creasy served in Bangladesh as an English teacher/HIV & Aids educator until one day they evacuated her entire team due to the volatile results of the election. Overnight her world changed once more as she was sent home for a few months of rest between Bangladesh and Kingston, Jamaica. She took the time between her placements to dig deeper into her yoga practice and truly delve into Shiva’s teachings. While she was in Bangladesh, Sienna brought only two mentors with her (via DVD): Baron Baptiste and Shiva Rea. Two teachers whose styles couldn’t be any more different and yet two who infused her to be the teacher she is today.

After her time at Kripalu training under Shiva, Sienna returned to the Peace Corps, this time landing in Kingston. A native New Englander, Sienna fell in love with the curvy, cultured reggae vibes of the island. As she watched the Jamaicans dance everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station, Sienna became more and more inspired at every turn. She even created her own kind of flow called Reggaelates. It’s a mixture of yoga meets pilates with a reggae/hip-hop vibe which she will be teaching this year at the Bali Spirit Fest!

Sienna’s deep love of rhythm and movement will be present locally at SUPERFLOW in Boston on February 5th, a day she is thrilled to be included in! Her travel this year is both a vacation from her “real life” in Jamaica and a chance to present at a few festivals and events throughout the world. She’ll be back in Massachusetts teaching at Kripalu July 2nd – 7th if you miss her in February, out in Bali in March.  October will bring her to California as she spreads her yogi wings far and wide this year.

Join her on the mat in Boston on February 5th as you reconnect to your pelvis and remember to create more freedom in your movement. Expect to roll around on the floor, undulate your hips and flow to the rhythm of your breathe, your body and the music that will surround you. She’ll be teaching you to free your hips “with love, but not overwhelm” and couldn’t be more thrilled to help us all open our hips and hearts this winter.

See Sienna’s full teaching schedule on her website.  And, follow her on social media through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Jenny is a yoga teacher, self-love guru, reiki master, a healer, writer, dreamer and Owner of Barefoot Yoga Shala in Middleton, MA. After finding yoga 10 years ago Jenny has started a successful non-profit organization, opened BYS, given birth to a beautiful baby boy and continues to heal her heart and others’ through self-discovery on and off the mat.

She lives, walks and breathes within the envelope of yogalove surrounding her and is elated bring you all the same at Barefoot Yoga Shala. She spreads her joy with not only current students, but also the teachers to come through BYS’s annual 200 hour teacher training. Jenny’s teaching is true to her infinite energy & light. She completed her 200 hour RYT in vinyasa, is a reiki master, certified crystal healer through Hibiscus Moon and completed her 500 hour RYT prana flow training through Shiva Rea. She is influenced by the love and energy that flows through our chakras, kundalini and breath. Each of these energies shape and shift the flow she creates for her classes. She inspires other to not only play on the mat but also dig deep in self-discovery through the mind, body, soul connection. Students can expect to leave stronger, happier and more inspired. Laughing and crying are both highly encouraged; anything goes in class and you will be supported wherever you are.