“I have always left at least a small space in my life for my art with the intention of creating something beautiful and telling a story.  the result hopefully satisfies both and is always cathartic.”  

This week we lean in with popular north shore yoga instructor Michele Boshar.  Michele is highly regarded not only for her mastery on the mat but also for the grace and peace she expresses through her work as a fine art painter.  When she is not driving one or more of her children to soccer practice or to a ski race, she can be found leading practice at The Yoga Loft in Wilmington or at Home Yoga in Andover.

wind up…  how do you wind up, prepare for the week ahead? 

i am up early, glass of water, cup of coffee (yes, coffee) walking the dog and clearing my head. i am good in the morning, focused and clear. i make sure to start the day early, especially on mondays… i work out and make the day “productive” whether that means starting a painting, replying to or deleting emails or simply catching up with a friend i haven’t seen in a while. all of these things influence and become my yoga practice and ultimately influence the way i teach my class.


and, when you need to exhale…  what’s your other direction? 

i like to run and clear my head. being outside no matter what the weather enhances my breath and makes me calm. i also turn to my paint brush and my music.



favorite high powered snack?

i love avocado and tomato on rice cakes or, in a pinch, a raw dales bar is a great fix!


what three things are you never without?

my sneakers, a pencil and notebook or sketchbook.

Tree of Life, 7/24/12, 8:08 AM, 8C, 7494x8667 (360+1812), 100%, Art 1, 1/30 s, R109.0, G93.7, B123.2

Tree of Life, by Michele Boshar

the sound of music…   you have room for 5 tracks on your playlist, they are?

ziggy marley, love is my religion

mc yogi, be the change

rolling stones, angie

the beatles, two of us

g. love and special sauce, baby’s got sauce

your bible…  what one book do you turn to time and time again for inspiration?

the four agreements, by don miguel ruiz.  this book was given to me by my college roommate and it always reminds me how simple it is to live happily, the difficulty lies in taking the time to remember how to make it happen

“the four agreements”

1. be impeccable with your word.

2. don’t take anything personally.

3. don’t make assumptions.

4. always do your best.


what makes me happy?

my family:  my three children and husband (and my pooch zeus).  also, i am fortunate to still have my parents in my life, and my brother and i are very close.

my friends are my sangha and i am blessed to never feel alone.

i love the calm of the lake and the view of the mountains.

i love the messiness of paint and collage and creating something lovely out of this mess.


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Interview compiled by Susan Currie.  All images by Susan Currie.

Author Susan Currie is an Associate Editor at LA YOGA magazine. Her words and images have been featured in the Boston Globe, Elephant Journal, Yogi Times, the Tishman Review, the Huffington Post, Spirit of St. Bart’s and on the cover of the book Moving into Meditation (Shambala) by Anne Cushman. 

Susan is also the creator of the Daily Inhale and an RYT 200 registered yoga instructor. She unpacks her various professional experiences through the creative and yoga workshops she leads throughout the country. Her new book, GRACENOTES (Shanti Arts 2017), a blend of words and images, is now available in wide release.