Meet … Jenny Ravikumar, Owner at Barefoot Yoga Shala in Middleton


wind up…  how do you wind up, prepare for the week ahead?

I don’t know if I would say “prepare” for the week. With a 3 month old son and owning my own yoga studio, I tend to fly a lot of my schedule by the seat of my pants. My best preparation tools involve my iPhone – specifically the Calendar and Notes sections. I am constantly writing things on the notepad of my phone such as blog post ideas, to-do list items, my grocery list. I’ve found with this new mommy brain of mine that if I don’t write it down, it won’t happen. So, I write lists for everything. As for my class preparation, I carve some time into my weekend to dig into what I want my themes to be overall and work with mini sequences either in my mind while in the check-out line, or if the little dude is taking a nap I do the sequence on my living room floor as my puppy licks my nose.

and, when you need to exhale…  what’s your other direction?

Oh, yes. Breathing…

I try to be sure that at least once a week I have “me time.” Normally that’s when hubby takes Zyan and I get on my mat. I also have the world’s best personal trainer. She’s a yogi (kicks my butt then leads me into savasana) and she holds Zyan if he fusses during my session. Yoga. Working out. Reading. Swimming. Lounging with family. They all bring me immense joy and deep relief.

favorite high powered snack?

Currently, it’s apples with chocolate hazelnut butter. I need lots of protein & delicious fruity fiber as I’m nursing and working out every day. If it were summer I’d say a green smoothie or acai bowl.



what three things are you never without?

My iPhone for work, a crystal for love/healing and essential oil for calming the mind.

the sound of music…   you have room for 5 tracks on your playlist, they are?

1. Whitney Houston, I Wanna Dance with Somebody

2. Madonna, I Know It

3. Mantras (current favorite: Ek ong kar sat guru prasad, by Jai-Jagadeesh)

4. Country Music, everything from old to brand new…

5. Backstreet Boys & Rascal Flatts

your bible…  what one book do you turn to time and time again for inspiration?

The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho. I love most of his work, but this is my favorite!

what makes you happy?

My family makes me incredibly happy. Not only do I have the most amazing parents and brother (and cousins who are my best friends), but I created my perfect family. My husband is my twin flame and I’m convinced that my soul searched for his for many centuries because it feels so familiar. Our rescue Apollo is the best cuddle partner and Zyan made our circle complete in August. Watching my son grow and spending time with not only the family I came from, but the one I created, feels so perfect to me.

And what adds to that happiness? Yoga. Teaching. Inspiring others. Paying it forward. Reading. Swimming, boating, working out, scuba diving, SUP & SUP Yoga. Watching good movies with my husband. Trying new places (I’m Yelp Elite and a huge foodie).  Laughing.

Profile compiled by Susan Currie

Images by Sarah Landry of Sarah Jayne Photography

Author Susan Currie is an Associate Editor at LA YOGA magazine. Her words and images have been featured in the Boston Globe, Elephant Journal, Yogi Times, the Tishman Review, the Huffington Post, Spirit of St. Bart’s and on the cover of the book Moving into Meditation (Shambala) by Anne Cushman. 

Susan is also the creator of the Daily Inhale and an RYT 200 registered yoga instructor. She unpacks her various professional experiences through the creative and yoga workshops she leads throughout the country. Her new book, GRACENOTES (Shanti Arts 2017), a blend of words and images, is now available in wide release.