Innovative Photo Acoustic Technology at Andover Laser Center…

It is widely known that as we age, collagen (the most abundant protein in the human body and the substance that holds the whole body together) breaks down and the facial structure begins to lose it fight against gravity.  We recently sat down with the team at Andover Laser Center – one of the first spa center’s on the east coast to offer a host of MedLite laser anti-aging treatments which build and restore this all-important protein.  Medlite is a non-ablative laser that uses PhotoAcoustic technology for quick and painless face and neck treatments which also shrinks pores, enhances skin texture and evens out inconsistencies in skin tones. Over the course of four to six initial treatments, clients begin to notice results.  From that point Ellis creates a custom treatment schedule based on the individual client’s needs.

According to Ellis, in the Greater Boston area treatments such as those offered at Andover Laser Center can run well north of $300.  “When we began offering these anti-aging treatments we knew that Medlite was not widely available here on the east coast.  At the same time we observed ridiculous amounts of money being charged for these services!  We were committed to offering more reasonable pricing.  Our mission has been to offer Hollywood style treatments for the average consumer so folks can enjoy the same type of skin enhancements as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston.  And so far, it’s been a huge success all around!”


Ellis also suggests that now (as we head into winter) is the perfect time to begin collagen building treatments.  Why?  “For those of us here in New England our sun exposure will be more limited over the next few months. As I tell my clients, the sun is a beautiful thing, but it’s really not.  With these non-invasive treatments we even out skintones which may have become spotted from too much sun exposure.  In this period of limited sun exposure clients enjoy better results all around.”

Ellis is also quick to point out that these treatments are proving particularly effective in treating acne with younger adults.  Ultimately, Ellis suggests that what determines the success of these treatments is how folks treat their skin over time.  Drinking lots of water and limiting sun exposure are two simple shifts that can make a huge difference in the results of PhotoAcoustic technology being offered at Andover Laser Center.


Author Susan Currie is an Associate Editor at LA YOGA magazine. Her words and images have been featured in the Boston Globe, Elephant Journal, Yogi Times, the Tishman Review, the Huffington Post, Spirit of St. Bart’s and on the cover of the book Moving into Meditation (Shambala) by Anne Cushman. 

Susan is also the creator of the Daily Inhale and an RYT 200 registered yoga instructor. She unpacks her various professional experiences through the creative and yoga workshops she leads throughout the country. Her new book, GRACENOTES (Shanti Arts 2017), a blend of words and images, is now available in wide release.